Wrestling the “K2 for SharePoint” Bear

Although my main responsibilities revolve around business development, I have a deep love for technology.  I feel way more confident discussing something with partners and prospective clients when I understand the inner workings (to a degree) of something. Making promises I might not be able to keep is not the way I like to roll... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Word – Page Number Headaches

Just resolved a little frustration and wanted to share.  Have you ever created a document and painstakingly formatted every section to make it perfect, only to have it not perform exactly like you had hoped? Well, this was me, for a while now.  Luckily we have very smart people around that know MS Word a... Continue Reading →

Getting Started–Social Media

Disclaimer:  Wow, I drafted this post in 2013 and with a few tweaks finished it tonight.  It is most def not an all encompassing guide to social media, that game is vast, but it's a good start for people that are dormant in this arena. Although I’m not a qualified social media consultant by any... Continue Reading →

“New Document” finally works

The "new document" issue first arrived with the release of Office Web Apps back in the day.  Microsoft gave the user the cool ability to view and edit documents directly in the browser, but this obviously created some architectural challenges around how documents are saved, named etc. At first it wasn't really a problem as... Continue Reading →

Hello World “Azure” functions via Nishant

Hi, In this post we’d have a quick look at the Azure Functions Azure Functions can be simply defined as – Code and Event. Basically, we’d have an event on which our code will execute. We can create a function pipeline wherein one function acts as a trigger to another function which then triggers the […]... Continue Reading →

Zuma does it again, but I don’t care

Of course I care, but in the grander scheme of things, the sad reality is that for middle class and above this will mean very little practically.  Yes sure, some people have investments and deal with Forex and will feel a pinch here and there.  Yes, maybe you are worried about your kids future and... Continue Reading →

Office 365 Challenge – Week 18 – The SharePoint button that Admins love to hate

Microsoft always add features into products to make it easier to use and simpler to understand for users.  I've often been quite vocal around how Microsoft have also been "soft targets" due to them automating a lot of functions which would benefit the end user, but make their software more vulnerable. The button that I've come... Continue Reading →

Wines 2 Whales 2016 Ramblings

As the first event of Wines 2 Whales 2016 kicks off today (Adventure), I couldn't help but find myself day dreaming about the trails, in quite a bit of detail.  I've done the event (Ride) 3 times now and this year will be my fourth.  Sure, the trails have a changed a bit, but each... Continue Reading →

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