Sani2C – I missed you my friend

In 2013 I was fortunate enough to be given an entry to the most popular and biggest stage race in the world, the Sani2C.  ( I detailed my experience in 4 parts - Losing my virginity - Sani2C 2013)  At the time, I had 6 weeks to train, and spent most of the time reading countless articles, asking a... Continue Reading →


#8DaysOfCourage in 8 Words

Prologue. Heat. Shortened. Zig-Zag. Transition. Wines2Whales. Queen. Celebration.

Wines 2 Whales 2016 Ramblings

As the first event of Wines 2 Whales 2016 kicks off today (Adventure), I couldn't help but find myself day dreaming about the trails, in quite a bit of detail.  I've done the event (Ride) 3 times now and this year will be my fourth.  Sure, the trails have a changed a bit, but each... Continue Reading →

Cape Epic Route – One Image Tells All

Be afraid, be very afraid, that's what I'm being told.  Well, at this point ignorance is bliss and all I know is I have VERY healthy respect for this route.  The actual kilometres and climbing doesn't scare me, it's more the legendary rough terrain. Anyone that has cycled a bit will tell you, 100km on... Continue Reading →

TransBaviaans-Conquering 230km on a MTB in one day

With TransBaviaans #2 a few days away, I thought its a good time to pencil in my thoughts on my experiences on 2014, my friends’ view on 2015 and what you can expect for TB2. The race is broken up, for me, into three sections; The Blast (110km “downhill”), The Climb (70km Fangs, MAC up and down to packhouse) and The Final Chapter (Never ender and JBAY lights).

Sani2C 2015 –A Midpackers Story – Part 2

Our buddies, who did really well on day 1 (considering their lack of training in the build up), were with us as we hit the single track. Quickly a gap formed as my partner, coming off a broken wrist, wasn’t too confident down the Umko. I would open up a gap, wait, then peddle on. This rhythm continued for much of the downhill, but it did allow me one fabulous moment with the race organiser, @farmer_glen. As I came around the corner a large gap had formed between me and my riding buddies, so I held back and stopped.

Sani2C 2015 – A Mid Packers Story – Part 1

Sani2C 2015 started at the newly minted Glencairn farm so logistics were slightly different, but seamless nonetheless. After a year of banter, many hours on the phone talking strategy and countless KMs in the legs I found myself in the start shoot with 3 mates ready to tackle Sani2C 2015. We had set out specific goals per day and I was ready to rock n roll. The goals were “simple”:

Sani2C 2015–Notes for 1st Timers

I replied to a post on theHubSA this morning and realised that the information might be quite handy, so just wanted to blog it out to a wider audience. The question was raised to list a few key pointers to first timers.  2015 will be my 3rd Sani2C and I’ve also completed 2x BergnBush, 2xWines2Whales... Continue Reading →

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