Microsoft Word – Page Number Headaches

Just resolved a little frustration and wanted to share.  Have you ever created a document and painstakingly formatted every section to make it perfect, only to have it not perform exactly like you had hoped?

Well, this was me, for a while now.  Luckily we have very smart people around that know MS Word a lot better than me so the most of my header, footer, section break, page break headaches had been resolved until today.

I started by making some changes to our core “Long Proposal” document and as I was reviewing my amazing work, I realised that the page numbers kept restarting at 1.  It was a real head scratch as no matter how many times I clicked on “update field” the automated field simply would read one.

I also tried updating the page number formatting INSIDE of the Header / Footer design section without avail.

I strumbled across the solution which was obvious, but a little manual.  On “EACH” page number that is reading “1”, right click and say “Format Page Numbers“, the following dialogue would appear.


As you can see the problem is below under “Page numbering” and updating it to “Continue from previous section” resolves the problem.

This issue occurs when you are copy and pasting information from one document to another as the formatting is kept.

Happy word processing.


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