Zuma does it again, but I don’t care

Of course I care, but in the grander scheme of things, the sad reality is that for middle class and above this will mean very little practically.  Yes sure, some people have investments and deal with Forex and will feel a pinch here and there.  Yes, maybe you are worried about your kids future and schooling and prospects, but here is my point.

For us, life continues.  We continue going to coffee shops, having our expensive coffees, but for 9 million jobless people this is a disaster.  For 17 million people on grants, this is a disaster.  For 80% of the country that don’t earn enough to even pay tax this is a disaster.

Not the current #CabinetReshuffle event, but the entire Zuma term.  I won’t delve into all the details now, but I’d like to leave you with one thought.

What could have been done had the current presidency spent their time and effort trying to fix the broken state owned enterprises, the educational system, the hospitals and more?

In my business a week or two of non action can be fatal for a quarter of profitability, in our country’s context, 7 years of non action and missed opportunity is an absolute nightmare for the man of the street.

Today is indeed a very sad day in South Africa, but Zuma will go and we will rise.





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