Wines 2 Whales 2016 Ramblings

As the first event of Wines 2 Whales 2016 kicks off today (Adventure), I couldn’t help but find myself day dreaming about the trails, in quite a bit of detail.  I’ve done the event (Ride) 3 times now and this year will be my fourth.  Sure, the trails have a changed a bit, but each day still has quite a few highlights that I just can’t get out of my head.

Here is a list of the random ramblings per day occupying my mind atm.


  • The wine tasting
  • People standing around watching the route briefings on the big screen
  • The cellar vibe with the hustle bustle of people getting race packs and fitting on shirts
  • When it doesn’t rain, the picnic vibe outside the registration area
  • Walking to the start, checking your bike and visualising the start and that first climb!

Day 1

  • The first climb, how will the legs hold up?
  • Post the first climb, it’s all fun and games and the first water point arrives in a flash.
  • More single track and amazing views and you quickly head up some climbs toward WP2
  • After WP2 it’s taking it easy and saving some matches for the Gantouw Pass walk.
  • Gantouw Pass – don’t cramp, don’t bonk, keep pushing, don’t stop, don’t look up, just keep walking it’s almost over.
  • ABC single tracks
  • FLAT OUT home
  • Oak Valley awaits, Spur burger, LOTS of Fairlands Cape Milk, recover

Day 2

  • Hills for days
  • People call it play day, I call it climb day
  • Love the day, short sharp climbs and before you know it, it’s Paul Cluver amphitheatre
  • Fun single tracks, bridges and more, a few tough climbs and quickly it’s winding roads through a forest and onto Peri Park fun times!
  • After Peri Park, it’s a MAD dash home with amazing views and great single track.
  • Oak Valley awaits.  LOADS of Fairlands cape milk, Spur burger, recover

Day 3

  • First 30km is an absolute BLUR.
  • Flat out, a few single tracks, but basically full gas
  • We cross a steel bridge and some tough times ahead.
  • Hemel & Aarde, Wind, Hermanus climbs.
  • Sand
  • Full gas home
  • Onrus!
  • Fist pumps, excitement, check times, hopefully TOP 50, Top40, who knows?


Can’t wait for the fun and games to begin.  The subtle route changes, the Still Water crew that always looks after us, the FNB riders lounge, the South Industries wheels I’ll be testing, the CAPE!

This is #WhyIRide



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