How to get your child a passport

One would think it is straight forward, but as we’ve just experienced it isn’t hard, but you need the right information with you to make it a painless process.

For our upcoming Caribbean trip our little Ethan (who will be 9 odd months when we depart) needs a passport.  Now anything to do with Home Affairs is normally a “shlep” unless you are dealing with Edenvale Home Affairs.  The place is literally filled with ninjas that get things done, period.

So herewith a quick cheat sheet if you need to get your little baba a passport.

When to go?

Well, they open at 0730am [weekdays], we arrived around 0645am and we were 4/5th in the queue, no sweat.

What to take?

  • Mommy and Daddy both need to be present.
  • Baby needs to be present.  Smile
  • 2 x Passport photos of baby.
  • Original birth certificate of baby.
  • Green barcoded IDs of both parents.
  • R400 (cash only)

The passport will arrive in 2 odd weeks.  We were in and out within 30 minutes.

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  1. taking the passport photo is the funniest affair though! we had to get it done for garrick when he was 2months old when I flew home to SA for a visit with him. both ears have to show, his eyes have to be open, preferably no smile. yeah it was tricky! so, you flying to the carribean via australia?


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