SharePoint Site Mailbox integration with Outlook – A new way to get email into SharePoint

Thanks for all the detail on this topic. I love where Microsoft have gone with these features as the incoming email via IIS just didn’t work properly.

Cameron Dwyer

What are SharePoint Site Mailboxes?

The SharePoint Site Mailbox concept is aimed at bringing Exchange emails and SharePoint documents together. So how does it do this?

The SharePoint Interface

A site mailbox can be created at a site level (maximum of 1 mailbox per site). From a navigation point of view the mailbox appears just as though it is another list or library in the SharePoint site.


When you click on the Mailbox link things aren’t as nice and integrated as you would hope. Instead of showing the content of the mailbox within the SharePoint site, as you would the content from a Document Library or List, rather the link simply opens the Site Mailbox in Outlook Web Access. You are taken away from SharePoint to see the content of the Site Mailbox.



This now starts to give you an understanding of what’s happening under the covers. When you…

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